Spotlight Grant: BeLonGTo Youth Services

As part of 2016’s Year of Belonging €75,000 was awarded to groups across Ireland for projects that supported Transgender identities and experiences. One such grant recipient was BeLonGTo Youth Services who initiated a peer-led TransVisibility public awareness campaign that brought the stories of ordinary Trans and non-binary young people to the rest of Ireland.

The campaign featured trans and non-binary young people, family members and teachers in a series of five ads. The campaign aimed to increase understanding of what it means to be Transgender and the barriers and discrimination faced by Trans people in Ireland. The project aimed to develop the skills and capacity of Trans young people in campaigning and attitudinal change, equipping them with life long skills to advocate for their rights.
The aspiration of the ads is to improve public awareness and shift public opinion on Trans identity and lived experience helping to reduce discrimination and violence faced by Trans people. These ads will be used to influence key audiences in education, health care & youth services on the barriers & discrimination faced by Trans youth and the positive steps they can take to create inclusive and supportive environments for trans and non-binary youth.

Watch the TransVisibility campaign here