Our services

Since 2000, we have a track record of working with donors, professional advisers and the community and voluntary sector within a long term and proven model of philanthropy. We have a dedicated and committed staff with extensive experience of grant-making garnered through working with over 3,000 non-profit organisations at a national, regional and local level throughout Ireland, as well as overseas.

We have developed a suite of services for our key stakeholders which includes:

Working with donors

The Foundation has over 60 Donor Advised funds and collaborative partnerships with a broad mix of individuals, families, companies and other organisations which have chosen to entrust us with their charitable giving. We offer a number of different types of funds allowing for a high level of flexibility for donors, including:

  • Making giving fast, efficient and rewarding, as well as cost effective for our donors.
  • Providing a no hassle way of establishing a charitable fund.
  • Providing a tax efficient solution to giving.
  • Provide insightful advice on how best to distribute your fund.
  • Taking care of all governance and administration of the fund and of associated grants.

To find out more about how to set up a charitable fund, please visit our Donor Advised  Fund section here.

Working with Professional Advisers

Community foundations around the world work closely with professional advisers including solicitors, tax advisers, accountants and wealth managers. We work with professional advisers in Ireland in a number of ways:

  • Providing an additional offering for your client.
  • Providing assistance in terms of tax advice/benefits.
  • Helping where philanthropy is first introduced to a client.
  • Full step by step guide and advice on how to establish a fund on behalf of your client.
  • Information on how your client can support the causes most dear to them through The Foundation in their estate planning and wills.

To find out more about how we are working with Professional Advisers, please visit our section on Professional Advisers here.

Supporting the Community/Voluntary and Charity sector:

Grant-making is at the heart of our activities and is inextricably linked to the sterling work of local community groups and charities throughout Ireland, many of whom are struggling during these recessionary times. We work with the non-profit sector in a variety of ways:

  • We are one of the major funders of this sector in Ireland.
  • We run a number of grants rounds throughout the year that your group/organisations can apply for –  for current information about our available grants, please visit our Types of grants section here.
  • We can help you establish long-term funds that assist your charity into the future –  for information on setting up a Donor Advised Fund, please visit our Donor Advised Fund section here.
  • We act as a neutral convenor on community issues and in identifying areas where private philanthropic funding can be most impactful.

Our Fees

In exchange for the provision of services, we charge management fees. Such fees are agreed up front and there are no hidden charges. There are no set-up fees for the establishment of a fund and fees charged are typically lower than the costs of establishing and running a private trust or foundation. The fees enable us to offer clients a suite of philanthropy services ranging from consultation and grant-making expertise through to monitoring and reporting services. They also ensure that The Foundation is a self-financing and sustainable non-profit organisation. An annual fee is payable on endowment funds based on 1% of the fund value. Flow-through fees are typically 8-12% depending on the scales of the fund and level of grant-making activity and service.

Our Service Charter

We live our values by providing the best services to our stakeholders. Our Service Charter makes six pledges which all our colleagues work to uphold:

1. We pledge to be transparent in all our actions with all our stakeholders. We are a mission-led organisation with transparency at our core and we maintain the highest levels of governance

2. We pledge to respect our stakeholders’ privacy and confidentiality at all times. To support our position as Trusted Advisers, we are committed to respecting the privacy and confidentiality of donors and grantees

3. We pledge to demonstrate professional behaviour in all our dealings with our stakeholders.We pride ourselves on our professionalism

4. We pledge to be proactive and responsive in our communications with our stakeholders.We recognise that our stakeholders operate in fast-paced environments and that we must be responsive to their needs

 5. We pledge to be consistent when dealing with our stakeholders. Our stakeholders trust us because we are consistent in how we engage with them

 6. We pledge to listen to our stakeholders and to develop our services in response. We are constantly evaluating and improving all areas of what we do

If you would like to talk with us about any of our services, please phone us at 01 874 7354 or email us on info@foundation.ie or fill in the callback form below.

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