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We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about our grant application process below. Should you have any queries not answered below, please contact us at

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Before Applying FAQs

Can I apply to more than one grant scheme held by The Community Foundation for Ireland?

Our grant schemes run separately therefore you can apply to multiple schemes at the same time, however please note that the schemes we operate do not usually run on the same timescale.

Can I apply to multiple schemes for the same thing?

Yes you can, provided each application meets the specific Criteria of each grant scheme. However, due to limited resources it is unlikely that The Foundation will be in a position to support more than one application.

Do you require supporting documents and when should they be submitted?

The Foundation does request that applicant organisations submit a recent organisational bank statement. This can be uploaded as part of the online application process. This is requested so that we can verify the bank details submitted belong to the applicant organisation. Sometimes, additional documentation is requested and this will be specified in the relevant fund criteria and/or we will contact you directly to request these.

How can I submit my application form? Does it have to be submitted electronically? 

The Foundation does not accept hard copy applications. Generally, all applications should be made using the relevant Online Application form. The submission process is outlined on each Criteria document. Application forms are only accessible for the period that the fund remains open to applications.

Does the application need to be with you before the deadline?

Yes, we will not accept applications after the stated deadline.  Please check the Criteria for deadline details.

Where should I send my application?

Generally, all applications should be made using the relevant Online Application form. Please refer to the application form and Criteria with the specific grants scheme. The application process will be outlined here.

What happens if we are successful with another funder for the same project?

If this impacts on the amount you request from us please let us know your good news as outlined, we are unable to double fund a project.

What can I apply for?

Each of our grant schemes has specific criteria, from which you will be able to find out what your project is eligible to apply for. Tip: Most of our schemes are unable to fund large capital projects, general running costs and salaries. Please refer to the specific Criteria for details.

What size of charity/group will you support?

This is dependent upon the grant scheme in question, some grant schemes have an organisational income limit. Please read each specific scheme Criteria carefully. As a Community Foundation our focus is on supporting grassroots community groups working in their local community, as well as national organisations working on various issues.

Some of your grant schemes have income limits. How do you establish a group’s annual income?

We look at the income in the last full set of accounts or, if it is a new group, in their projection for the current year.

In our case the grant scheme we wish to apply to has an annual income limit of €1,000,000. The project we are seeking funding for relates to one strand of our organisation’s activities. We have a separate budget for this which is less than €1,000,000 a year; although our organisation’s combined income is larger than this. Can we apply?

No. We only take into account the income of the organisation as a whole.

Do you support individuals?

No, we do not support individuals for any purpose.  As a Community Foundation we can only support community and voluntary groups.

Do we need to be a charity to apply?

No, as long as you are a constituted not-for-profit group with charitable aims, you can apply. By having charitable aims, we mean broadly that your group aims to benefit the community which you are working in.

Do you fund overseas trips?


We’ve just had to pay out for some unexpected costs. Can we apply for a grant to cover the expenditure we incurred?

No. We will not make grants retrospectively, i.e. for costs already incurred. You cannot apply for help with the costs of any activities that will take place before we give you a decision on your application. Bear in mind that it can take between 6 – 10 weeks for us to give you a decision on your application.

After Applying

Will I receive confirmation that my application has been received?

Yes you will receive acknowledgement that your online application has been received, if you do not receive this within three hours of submitting your application please contact us immediately. You will receive a confirmation email with a reference number for your application.

When will I hear if I’ve been successful or unsuccessful?

We will always contact you in relation to the outcome of your application, generally 6 – 10 weeks after the closing date. If you have not had contact from us on the outcome of your application, please contact us.

What feedback will I get if unsuccessful?

Though you will be informed by email if you are unsuccessful in your bid for funding, due to the high number of applicants unfortunately we are unable to offer individual feedback to our applicants.

My application was rejected. Can I reapply and when can I reapply?

You are able to reapply to the next round of the scheme you applied for, however you will need to check that the Criteria to ensure that your project is still applicable.

We’ve had a grant from you before. How long must I wait before I can apply again?

There is no timeframe for reapplying, please check website for details on our grants opening and closing dates. Please note, if you have not fulfilled all reporting requirements for your previous grant, this will be taken into account when your new application is received.

How does The Foundation assess our application?

This is dependent on the grants scheme you have applied for. In general, for smaller grant schemes we rely on the adherence to the criteria and the quality of the application. If we have further questions not answered in the application we will contact you directly.

Who makes the decision?

An Expert Panel of respected leaders in the Community and Voluntary sector along with members of our team, decisions are then ratified by the Board of The Community Foundation for Ireland.

How do I make a complaint?

Please contact us by phone at any stage if you wish to discuss any matter on 01 874 7354

You’ve Received a Grant

How is the grant paid?
The grant will be paid via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). However, in a few cases, we ask you to complete a Funding Agreement and/or satisfy certain special conditions before the grant is paid.

What happens if we change our mind on the project?

The funding must always be used for the project applied for. Please contact The Foundation to discuss any changes. Changes to the grant must be confirmed by a Foundation staff member in writing.

What if the project we needed the money for doesn’t come off?
You will need to return the money to us. Contact us by phone on 01 874 7354 to discuss this.

How long do we have to spend the money?

Unless it is a large grant which will be paid over two or more years, you must spend your grant within the timeframe stated on the Criteria or within one year of receiving it.

Do we have to give update reports? 

Yes. Depending on the specific grants scheme, you will need to send Interim and Final Outcome Reports. Guidelines for these will be supplied. For certain programmes, you will be required to participate in Learning Network events.

What if we are unable to deliver on the timescale?

If you are unable to deliver your project within the year please contact The Foundation to discuss the options available to you.

What happens if we don’t spend all the money we were awarded?

You are able to submit a request to The Community Foundation for changes to the same project. You may need to return the under-spend.

How can I advertise my grant/project?

Please acknowledge The Foundation in any materials produced or in publicity / news stories relating to the funded project. To access a Jpeg version of our logo, download here (.jpg 0.7MB). This should be included in any materials produced as part of the grant. We also appreciate if you use social media to promote the work.

How does the Community Foundation use the outcomes of my project?

The Community Foundation uses a model of shared learning. We seek to learn from each grant and to share the outcomes of grants with other likeminded organisations. For certain programmes, you will be required to participate in Learning Network events. These events are designed to facilitate peer learning and support amongst grantees and they seek to identify best practice in addressing social issues. Facilitators prepare reports from each Learning Network event and these are disseminated afterwards. All grants build up our knowledge as a supporter of community and voluntary work. It informs our donors and also our future grants.