Our grant giving

Since our establishment in 2000, we have awarded over €25 million in grants to voluntary, community and not-for-profit organisations throughout the country. As a community foundation we award grants from our own funds in addition to the grants we administer on behalf of others.

2016 – The Year of Belonging 
Firstly, we will launch #Belonging16 Community Parties Micro Grants in February 2016. Communities all across the country will have the opportunity to apply for €250 to hold a community party. It’s all about Belonging! There is one way of applying: Applications can be made online by any non-profit club or association online using the online Application Form once the scheme is open. Grants will paid by bank transfer. If you’re successful only, All we ask in return, is that you send us a photo with #Belonging16 in your tweet or message. Please don’t send us any photos just yet though!

Other grants that will be made throughout 2016 include Refugees and Trafficking, Sexual Identity and Transgender, At Risk Families, Older Persons and some flagship strategic grants along certain themes. Be sure to check back at www.communityfoundation.ie for updates!

All the details of Rounds, including timelines, Criteria and Application Forms are available by visiting our #Belonging16 section here.

Our Existing Grants

As an independent grant-making organisation, we use the monies from our own permanent endowment and by our donors and philanthropists to distribute grants to various causes and groups right across the country. Please visit our Types of grants section here, for information on these grant rounds.

Our types of grants section also contains information about the various grant schemes managed by us on behalf of our donors. All our grant schemes have specific and individual criteria for applications so please read carefully to ensure that you understand the causes supported by each grant scheme and apply appropriately.

Assessment of Grant Recipients

To ensure that funds are being allocated and used correctly we continuously and randomly assess various projects that have received funding through The Foundation. This allows us to give a high level of commitment to all our donors that their funds are being used in an appropriate manner and are also having the impacts that they want.

All grantees are required to provide an Outcome Report between six to twelve months after their grant has been awarded. Details are provided in your grant letter.