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Purpose of the Medtronic Healthy Communities Fund

The purpose of the Medtronic Healthy Communities Fund is to promote health at community levels, especially for those who have been traditionally at risk for non-communicable disease (NCDs) or underserved by existing related healthcare services.

Consistent with Medtronic’s global vision of building healthy communities by expanding access to health care, the Medtronic Healthy Communities Fund will enable Medtronic to contribute to reducing health inequalities in line with the “Healthy Ireland” framework.

Criteria Summary:

Grants will be made to national charities or not-for-profit organisations working to reflect the objectives of the fund and the priorities of the Healthy Ireland Framework. A link to this can be found on the Department of Health website. Projects must demonstrate a strategic fit with at least one of the fund objectives.

The Medtronic Healthy Communities Fund Objectives are:

  1. ACCESS   –   To ensure equitable access to healthcare services for those with non-communicable diseases in alignment with Healthy Ireland.
  2. HEALTH PROMOTION   –   To intervene around the conditions that serve as metabolic indicators of chronic diseases
  3. HEALTH EQUALITY   –   To address the social determinants of Health

The focus of Year 1 is to select national partners that are willing to implement a project with a national scope and impact that can be replicated in Years 2 & 3 by other community groups or organizations locally.

Projects ideally should be:

Replicable – A model which will be shared with local charities in Year 2 & 3

Innovative – Apply an original and creative approach to addressing the Fund Objectives

Impactful – Directly tackle one of the key objectives of the Fund with identifiable & measurable outcomes

Informed – Well researched and aligned with best practice and existing frameworks

Collaborative – Priority will be given to organisations working in partnership with other organisations in the field

Applicants should clearly demonstrate:

–              The need for such a strategic project/activity

–              The strategic fit with the fund objectives

–              Measurable ways in which the project will address the key objectives

–              What the impact of the project will be

–              The potential for the national project to be replicated at local level

–              An innovative approach

–              A willingness to share learning with others

–              Applicants should demonstrate how the organisation could partner with Medtronic

It is strongly recommended that you read the full criteria document to familiarise yourself with the timeline for this grant round and the grant making priorities.

Download the Full Criteria document here.

All applications must be submitted online by 17:00 on the 15th September 2015. Any applications submitted after this time cannot be accepted by The Community Foundation for Ireland.

How to use the on-line application form

 A ‘User Guide’ is available to assist you with completing the online application form User Guide.

Step 1: Click on the link for the Online Application Form below. This will take you to a welcome page. Please carefully read the information available here and confirm your acceptance and supply your correct email address.

Step 2: Using the email address supplied by you, you will be sent a link to an online application form. If you do not receive a link to the application form within 24 hours of submitting your email address, please contact

Step 3: Complete the application form, upload the required documentation and submit.

Please note you will be able to save drafts of your application form until you are happy that it is complete and ready for final submission. You should retain the application form link until you are happy that the application is ready for submission.

Step 4: We will send you confirmation that your application has been received and you will be able to save and/or print a PDF copy of your completed application.

Contact Us

If you are unsure about any of the above, or have any other queries, please contact the grants team on (0)1 874 7354 or e-mail

Downloads and Links:

The Medtronic Healthy Communities Fund Criteria

User Guide

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