Case Studies

Since 2000 CFI and its donors have invested in people and solutions to benefit communities throughout Ireland. We have so Many stories to tell from all our years of giving but here are just some highlights.

Supporting Social Justice

11196334_1627281504170598_5087401071173490173_nSince the beginning a core tenet of CFI’s work has been to seek social justice and equality for all with a particular focus on marginalised groups. In 2000, one of our first grants was to support an LGBT project and we have been committed to supporting this community throughout our fifteen years, with a more recent focus on the Marriage Equality campaign.




Supporting Women

Dublin Wednesday 14th April 2010: The Community Foundation for Ireland launched the first ever Women’s Fund for Ireland. The Fund, which is dedicated solely to supporting women’s causes, is the first of its kind in Ireland. The fund was launched a landmark symposium on Women’s Philanthropy held in Dublin and presented by Mary Mc Aleese. Pictured at the launch was Mary Bradshaw and Oriane Cadic (age 2). Picture Conor McCabe/Jason Clarke Photography. No Repro Fee.

The Women’s Fund for Ireland was established in 2010 as a long-term philanthropic fund, connecting women who care with causes that matter. The Women’s Fund fuels change in our communities by supporting the most innovative and positive solutions to the issues facing women and girls today. The fund began with small grants aimed at reducing and preventing domestic violence and supporting leadership at a community level. Drawing on learning from these grants and consultation within the sector, CFI decided to invest in a multi-annual programme of strategic initiatives which are being led by Safe Ireland and a number of CFI donors have also pledged their support for such interventions, including the Man Up Campaign; trauma research, researching the economic cost of domestic violence and establishing a legal advocacy unit.

Supporting Older People

Through the Older Persons’ Fund (which was set up in 2014 with an initial investment of €3 million in collaboration with The Atlantic Philanthropies), older people have been given a medium to have their voices heard and listened to on a national platform. One of the Older Persons’ Fund main grantees Craol (the network and support group for Irish Community Radio), have worked with almost 150 older people through community radio initiatives to date and will continue this work into 2016. These initiatives have trained and worked with older people to become presenters and advocates for their communities.


Supporting Youth

Repro Free. BITC. Picture Jason Clarke Photography

Arising from the publication of a special edition Youth VitalSigns report in 2014, CFI has set up a Youth Fund to help and support young people, specifically in the area of employment. To date €100,000 has been given out in grants through the Youth Participation Panel (YPP) that was established as a youth grant-making panel to provide funding recommendations to CFI. Grants have included support for soft-skills and youth leadership initiatives with regional organisations from the four provinces, as well as a grant of €80,000 to SpunOut for the establishment of an online youth employment hub, set to launch in 2016.

Supporting Inclusiveness

Our donors know the importance of inclusiveness in Ireland with many of them supporting the area of homelessness on both a large and small scale. Their support ranges from funding large capital projects through to smaller scale grants such as a donation of €5,000 to Merchants Quay Ireland for the purchasing of a commercial cooker. As the homeless crisis in Ireland continues to worsen, CFI endeavours to work with our donors to make the most impactful grants for both preventative and front line service needs.


Supporting Communities

Community Foundation -481CFI is committed to support not only national but local organisations too. Through funding organisations such as Grow It Yourself (GIY), Community Growers and Men’s Shed’s, local organisations are empowered to harness the power of their communities. Initiatives such as Community-led Cottage Markets and Community Bike Hire allow organisation to meet the needs of their locality.


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