Giving as an Individual

 “When I opened a fund at The Community Foundation for Ireland a few years ago I had wanted to give something back. As a child I remembered how much I enjoyed playing chess and the benefits it had for me socially and educationally. People gave their time voluntarily to bring us back and forth to play in competitions and this often came back to me as the years went by. I have funded Chess for All from my Donor Advised Fund at The Community Foundation for Ireland as part of a three year commitment to the value of €120,000. This will have ensured hundreds, if not thousands of children are impacted by the positive influence of chess in their lives, just like me.”

Anoymous Chess for All Donor

giving as an individual

Why was the fund set up?

During 2011, a donor, who having been extremely successful in his working life and had previously been giving to charities for some time in an ad-hoc manner, become aware of us in his capacity as a professional adviser and decided to set up a donor advised fund at The Foundation, through giving as an individual. Wishing to house his grant-making in a structured and part-anonymous way, he particularly liked the distance at which he could put himself from the administrative side, as well as the formalised process of staged payments, and outcome reports expected from the grantee. The donor saw us as a mediator who could push for accountability and measurement of effectiveness of his grant funding. Having already put a lot of thought into his philanthropy, he identified that he wished to support a ‘Chess for All’ project as he had been a chess enthusiast as a child and could identify the benefits that playing chess had brought to him.

What was the impact of the fund?

Numerous studies have shown that chess develops strategic and logical thinking, improves focus, hones memory, and heightens self -esteem as well as offering hours of fun for enthusiasts. ‘Chess for All’ was set up in 2011 to conduct chess lectures over six week periods in schools across the State, with an emphasis on disadvantaged areas. It is initially a three year project. The first ‘Chess for All’ national finals took place in Dublin in April 2012 with 50 schools taking part in the finals, involving an estimated 180 children. We worked closely with all stakeholders in terms of expectations, obligations, reporting requirements and looking at the long-term sustainability beyond funding

A recent evaluation of the ‘Chess for All’ programme by teachers who ran it in their schools was very favourable. The following quotes from teachers are illustrative of some of the benefits they saw at first hand:

giving as an individual






The donor has fed back his experience of giving as an individual to makes his vision of ‘Chess for All’ giving as an individuala reality:











Who else do The Community Foundation for Ireland work with?

The Foundation works with a number of Individual’s to create long- term sustainable impact to causes that matters to them. Please click here to see more information on Individual Giving. 

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