Giving back to your county

As a national foundation, one of our main aims is to develop individual funds for each county in Ireland, by promoting giving back to your county. We are proud to say that The Co Monaghan Fund was the first ever County Fund in Ireland and the impacts it has had to date have been extremely successful in tackling social issues and causes that are relevant to communities in Mongahan.

Giving back to your county


What does the fund look like?

The County Monaghan Fund was established in January 2004 by a committee of 12 civic minded Monaghan people who were interested in giving back to their County. Working with us, one of the group’s priorities was in wanting the fund to be as flexible as possible to address the changing needs of people living in Monaghan. For example, if the need is in the area of education, then that is where the support will be directed. However, if the need changes to Healthcare, then the Fund can redirect it’s support to this area.The fund is further part of a larger permanent endowment fund which importantly means that funding support is potentially available for projects in the county for years to come. Chaired by well-known local businessman, Frank Cosgrove, a county endowment fund of nearly €250,000 has already been put in place.

What was the impact of the fund?

County Monaghan people from both at home and abroad benefit from the County Monaghan Funds resources. Those resources are strategically targeted at the root cause of an issue or cause. Over €90,000 has been awarded to date to projects that range from defibrillator training for sports trainers, that has already saved one life, to the ‘Student Enterprise Programme’ that teaches young people the skills they need to be the business leaders of tomorrow. An initial grant of €1,000 has further been awarded to Croí. This helped Croí to source an additional €100,000 and clearly demonstrates the value of a fund being in place to provide such ‘philanthropic seed capital’. A number of donors are leading this initiative and in late 2006 a Development Officer was hired to advance the fund.

Giving back to your county






To learn more about the work of  The County Monaghan Fund, please visit their dedicated website here.

Who else does The Community Foundation work with?

The concept of the giving back to your county is that it will allow you to set up and maintain an ongoing fund which will allow for a permanent supply of funding for projects which may need help around your county. The County Monaghan Fund is already established and making a difference to its locality,  to read about it and get inspired to set up your own County Fund, visit The County Monaghan Fund website here.

Would you like to set up a fund with The Community Foundation for Ireland?

If you would like to contact our Fund Development team directly:

Jackie Harrison, Head of Development: 01 874 7354

Niall O’ Sullivan, Fund Development Adviser : 01 874 7354