Leave a Legacy

Do you have a desire to improve life in Ireland? Are there issues and causes which you have always cared deeply about and indeed supported through charitable giving in your lifetime?

After your loved ones are taken care of in your will, you may wish to consider how else you would like to leave your mark on the world. The Community Foundation for Ireland can work with you to determine your vision for your legacy and how you would like to target your giving after your lifetime.

“The Community Foundation for Ireland (CFI) has played a valuable role in contributing to fundamental social change in communities across the country. CFI has focussed its work on engaging with some of the most marginalised and excluded communities and groups in our society”. 

Michael D. Higgins, President of Ireland, Patron of The Community Foundation for Ireland

Our vision

While some societal issues can be solved quickly, most need persistent attention and sustained support over a period of years. The Community Foundation for Ireland is funded by its donors and receives no State support. We are here for the long term and operate within a proven model of philanthropy which is over 100 years old and is based on trust, effectiveness and impact. The Foundation seeks to build stronger communities and key to this is to grow the endowed funds at The Community Foundation for Ireland to do so. A gift in your will can help us to achieve that ambition.

Click here for some case studies and examples of how your legacy could be used to target support to important causes.

You might also like to read through some of our annual reports to get a deeper insight into what has been supported by CFI and to better understand this organisation. Click here for the reports. You can review our financial and investment reports here.

What we promise

Your legacy will have far-reaching impact. We see the big picture. We have a working relationship with over 3,000 organisations across the social sector, mainly in Ireland.

Your gift will be strategic. We are about many causes, not just one. We work towards being a centre of influence in our community and often team up with other philanthropic funds and donors to have even greater impact.

We are here for the long term. Community foundations are over one hundred years old and exist to underpin the changing needs of society, in perpetuity. It’s a model of giving that works.

Your legacy will be cared for. We are one of the biggest grant-making organisations in Ireland and thoughtfully care for the assets entrusted to us, investing them in people, ideas and activities that strengthen our communities.

Your gift will be discreet. You don’t have to tell us if you leave a gift to The Community Foundation for Ireland, but if you do, it will help us plan future work.

Why We Are Supporting CFI

“I believe in the aphorism of James Connolly: ‘Ireland apart from her people means nothing to me.” I want to invest in improving the lives of Irish men and women after my death. I feel that The Community Foundation for Ireland is an excellent organisation that will support a diverse range of projects – large and small – in Ireland. It has an impressive track-record.”

Seán Mac Gráinne, a retired school teacher from Dublin explains why he is including The Community Foundation in his will.

“You really need to be able to take a broad sweep in addressing complex issues such as social isolation, loneliness and many other causes in our communities. This is what CFI works for: addressing deficits in our communities and finding effective solutions.”

Donor, The Community Foundation for Ireland

“I think the biggest issue facing the world is our environment. I decided to include CFI in my will with specific reference to supporting environmental projects as I cannot be sure which of the current charities will exist in 30, perhaps 40 years’ time when the gift in my will ‘kicks in’ and no doubt priorities and will change dramatically in the coming decades.”

Donor to the O’Sullivan Family Fund at The Community Foundation for Ireland

 4 Ways you could make a difference through us

Leave an endowed gift: If you are unsure which cause or charity to choose, you can leave the decision up to us. An endowed gift in your will to The Community Foundation lives on long after your lifetime. By investing your money wisely and making grants out of the interest, we can respond strategically to the changing needs of society over many years. We take account of your philanthropic wishes and ensure lasting impact, in perpetuity.

Choose one of our themed funds: You may wish to contribute to one of our existing themed funds to fuel change around particular social issues, such as the Older Persons’ Fund, the Infant Health and Well-Being Fund, the Environment or the Women’s Fund. These funds enable donors with a common interest in a particular social area to pool their resources to support the most innovative and positive solutions.

Set up an area fund: Your fund can help build thriving communities in a particular geographic area. For example, the County Monaghan Fund is already established and making a difference to communities and projects throughout Monaghan.

Create a named fund: You can create a fund in your family’s name, that of a loved one, or anonymously to support your own charitable interests and pass down values for generations to come.

Leaving a legacy through The Community Foundation is a wonderful way to continue your tradition of generous giving by pledging support that will help improve the quality of life of the next generation.

See here for some of our case studies about funds managed on behalf of some of our donors.

Arranging a legacy

The first step to leaving a legacy is to make a will, if you already haven’t done so, or to alter your existing will. Making a will is a simple procedure, and a good way of clearly informing your family and friends of your wishes. It is advisable to seek the professional help of a solicitor. We can work with you and/or your professional advisor to help decide the best option.

To find out more

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