How to give

older-person-how-give - The Community foundation for Ireland Help to build a strong Older Persons’ Fund for the future by:

  • Supporting the long-term endowed fund 

In contributing to the long term Older Persons’ Fund you will be investing in a permanent and sustainable fund, which will also be flexible in meeting the changing needs of older people in Ireland over time. The Fund will provide a guaranteed means to support projects in the years ahead – in good times and bad. The Older Persons’ Fund has been set up with an initial investment of €3m provided by us (€1m) and The Atlantic Philanthropies (€2m). We have set a target of growing the Fund by an additional €1m by 2018 – we need your help to reach this target.

  • Leaving a legacy to the Older Persons’ Fund

By including The Older Persons’ Fund in your will, you will be helping to establish a permanent charitable fund to support older people in Ireland today and in the future. The Older Persons’ Fund is administered by us, an expert grant-making charitable foundation. Read more by visiting the Legacies and Wills section.

  • Establishing a Memorial Fund

As part of the Older Persons’ Fund, you may like to establish an ‘In Memoriam Fund’ in the name of a loved one who has passed away. This can be a powerful way of supporting great projects and ensuring that a person’s name lives on in a profound and meaningful way, helping to improve the lives of older people, now and in the future.

  • Championing the fund  in your network or community/ voluntary group

As a community leader in the community and voluntary sector organisations which support older people in Ireland, you can play a really influential role in making your network or organisation aware of the Fund and opportunities to donate. We would be delighted if you would create a link between your website and The Older Persons’ Fund and make your stakeholders aware of the opportunity to include the Fund in their legacy.

  • Making a once off donation or annual commitment to support the fund

While the endowment (long-term fund) is growing, this will help ensure that as many projects as possible are supported in the short term.

  • Becoming a corporate partner with The Older Persons’ Fund

The Older Persons’ Fund provides an opportunity to companies that wish to make a real difference to the lives of older people in Ireland.

To find out more about any of these giving options, contact Jackie Harrison at or on 01 874 7354.