Why support the Fund

older-person-support-fund - The Comunity Foundation for Ireland It is estimated that by 2041, people aged over 65 will account for 22% of the population in Ireland, compared to some 11% today.

Earlier this year, we published VitalSigns, a report card grading twelve key areas that affect the quality of life of those who live, work and learn in Ireland. Key priorities amongst citizens in relation to older people are engagement in community, social connections and loneliness, home (including independent living, home care services and family) and end of life care. VitalSigns also highlighted the potential for older people to play a more active role in politics, their communities and families.

Furthermore the Government’s National Positive Ageing Strategy acknowledges that;

“…..global ageing will put increased economic and social demands on all countries. At the same time, older people are a precious, often ignored resource that makes an important contribution to the fabric of our society”.

The Older Persons’ Fund seeks to realise the benefits of this changing demographic by building a long term sustainable fund to support older peoples’ voice at a local and national level and their capacity to engage fully in all strands of society. In line with this goal, the mission of The Older Persons’ Fund will be to support strategic community based and national activities promoting Older People as Active Citizens and Advocates – including influencing policy, community decision-making processes, leadership, negotiation and other ways to give greater “voice” to Older People.

For further information or information on grants available through this fund, please visit our Older Persons’ Fund grants section here or view our Older Persons’ Fund brochure, download here (PDF 0.5MB).