Womens-Fund-impacts - The Comunity Foundation for Ireland “We are thrilled to say that the face of Irish politics will change substantially as a result of the strategies of Women for Election. However it would never have happened without the support of The Community Foundation for Ireland. The word “Thanks” has always seemed inadequate when we think of how you have supported us and the women across Ireland over the past number of years. You supported us when we were just an idea, and throughout the last few years, so a huge heartfelt thanks from us indeed. Together we have built a movement – a first of its kind. A movement that crosses politics and policy and has successfully helped and trained almost 600 women throughout Ireland – encouraging them to take their next step in political life.”

Women for Election

Women’s funds seek out initiatives that offer the greatest potential for lasting impact on issues from poverty to women’s representation in business or politics.

The Women’s Fund is dedicated to supporting selected target areas by giving small grants to enable positive change at a grassroots and community level; and tackle women’s inequality at its source. Current priorities of the grants are aimed at preventing violence against women and also empowering women to take leadership roles in communities. To find out more, visit the Women’s Fund grant section here.

We have also awarded a number of larger grants in support of strategic initiatives in the targeted areas of supporting women to take leadership roles in their communities (for example in support of Women for Election and the 50:50), as well as preventing violence against women (for example in support of The Turn off the Red Light Campaign and Ruhama). Donors who are passionate about other areas affecting women and who have the capacity to make donations to the Fund can also be facilitated to grant-make to these areas and should consult with us to discuss this further.

In the early stages, smaller projects will be supported but over time, as the Fund grows, there will be a focus on ‘systemic’ solutions in a more long-term strategic manner.