Why Support the Women’s Fund?


When women are fully involved, the benefits can be seen immediately; families are healthier; they are better fed; their income, savings and reinvestment go up. And what is true of families is true of communities and, eventually, whole countries.”  

Kofi Annan

4 reasons for a Women’s Fund:

1. A catalyst for women’s giving – encouraging women who are drawn to the idea of women joining together to help other women to engage in philanthropy (often for the first time) and providing know how and guidance as to how their donation can be invested wisely.

2. An investment in women and girls to benefit communities – the Women’s Fund focuses on women and girls because of the “ripple effect.” Research shows when you improve women’s equality, it improves economic and social conditions for everyone.

3. A resource for organisations dealing with women’s issues and causes on the ground – in the light of reducing public spending, many excellent organisations are struggling to make ends meet – it is critical that new sources of long term funding are made available.

4. A challenge to the status quo – even though women “have come a long way”, there are many remaining challenges including the under representation of women in most strands of decision making in Ireland and some women are vulnerable in our society.

Hear from Women for Election, Saol and Ruhama how The Women’s Fund for Ireland at The Community Foundation has been supporting women’s issues since 2010 and how and why you should get involve.

When you support the Women’s Fund:

  • You are joining a community of every day philanthropists committed to improving the lives of women and girls in Ireland. We make it our mission to identify critical issues of concern to women and to support organisations which are responding with the best solutions;
  • You can be sure that we don’t compete with other women’s organisations for scarce government funding. We are committed to community service and leadership and plan to find new funding and to create a broad funding base;
  • You are part of a successful global women’s philanthropy movement, transforming women’s lives and tackling community problems;
  • You can be confident that your gift will make a difference – it will be used strategically where it will have the greatest impact, it will be wisely invested and it will be prudently managed.