Individuals and families

Tina Roche and Olivia O’ Leary at the Family Philanthropy Seminar, hosted by The Community Foundation for Ireland

Within The Community Foundation for Ireland, we are witnessing a growing interest in the concept of approaching charitable giving in a more strategic way. Individuals and families are concerned to know if their charitable donations are making a difference; they are interested in getting advice as to how to best invest the money they have available; they want to be facilitated to give effectively, with a minimum of bureaucracy but to the highest standards of governance. They are also thinking about how they might engage other family members in their giving.

In our experience, deciding to take a more planned approach to your charitable giving or thinking of involving other family members in your giving may be prompted by a number of factors including:

  • An opportunity has arisen – for example through a windfall gain through the sale of a business or an inheritance;
  • Frustration with your current giving – maybe you feel that your current charitable giving is somewhat ad hoc or that you may feel that you are approached by numerous good causes;
  • Engaging your family – Maybe you would like to pass on a spirit of giving to the next generation or continue a family legacy;
  • Concerns about governance or lack of feedback – in particular in the light of recent controversies in relation to the charitable sector, you may feel that you would like greater assurances about governance and accountability in the charitable organisations which you support and to get greater feedback as to how your donation was used.

Benefits of giving through The Community Foundation for Ireland

  • We have a menu of options depending on how involved you want to be, how much you want to donate and whether you want your gift to be forever or in the shorter term.
  • You can give now or you can plan a gift in your Will, or both.
  • Your giving can be anonymous or recognised (although most donors choose to remain private).
  • We handle all requests for support and awards of funding.
  • We make sure you get feedback on how your giving is helping.
  • The Foundation regularly hosts private events which enable donors to find out more about philanthropy and engage with other donors, including through collaborative giving.
  • As a donor, you can direct how eligible income tax relief should be allocated, optimising your charitable donation.

We offer donors a range of options which allow you full flexibility in the type of fund you wish to set up and how much you wish to be involved in the management of your donations. To find out more the types of funds we offer click here.

If you would like to read some of our case studies on giving from our donors click here.

To access our Guide to Personal and Family Giving click here

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