Trusts and Foundations

How to giveA growing dimension to our work is collaborating with other charitable organisations, including charitable trusts and foundations and charities, to administer Funds on their behalf, drawing on our experience in operating endowed funds or our expertise in grant-making at a grassroots level.

Such collaborative partnerships have included The Mount Street Club Trust in relation to The Community Growers Fund, the OLC Trust Fund in relation to its Fund to assist vulnerable women and the Tony Ryan Fund for Tipperary, which we manage.

We also engage in a number of collaborative strategic funding initiatives with other trusts including the Former Offenders Fund with The St Stephen’s Green Trust, as well as the Parenting Support Initiative (supporting parents of children from birth to three years) in association with The Katharine Howard Foundation. The Older Persons’ Fund was set up through the support of The Atlantic Philanthropies.

Trustees, directors and philanthropic funders may be interested in exploring opportunities for collaboration:

  • When there are shared funding interests;
  • If a trust or foundation does not have any administrative resources of its own;
  • The trust or foundation is getting started and “learning the ropes” or indeed, is long established and would like to revitalise or refresh their philanthropy;
  • The trust or foundation is thinking about its longer term future and is looking for a sustainable way to maintain its funding or to spend down its resources;
  • Trustees or directors are reviewing the governance of the resources of the organisation and how to best meet regulatory requirements;
  • The trust or foundation is interested in collaborative funding and optimising resources and outcomes.

A number of charities have also established funds at The Community Foundation for Ireland.

To read one of our case studies on working with other trusts and foundations click here.

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