What can we offer your client

advisers3Over the years, people would ask me from time to time to give money to this or that cause and even though they were all good causes, it did strike me occasionally that I had no idea why I was giving money away, what I was giving it for, what happened to the money and indeed what effect if any, it had. I had a particular project that interested me so I was able to set up a Donor Advised Fund and The Community Foundation for Ireland basically ran the fund for me and it worked really well.”

Anonymous Donor

About us 

We are part of a global movement of community foundations; there are currently over 1,700 community foundations world-wide.

We empower people who want to make a difference through a model of philanthropy that is based on trust, effectiveness and impact. We are here for the long-term and believe in the power of philanthropy to deliver just and progressive social change.

We offer the following:

Vehicles for charitable giving namely Donor Advised Funds. Our Donor Advised Funds can be either:

  • Endowment Funds
  • Flow-through Funds (annual grant-making)

Governance and transparency – We have a strong commitment to ensuring that The Foundation attains impeccable standards of governance and transparency for its donors and follows best international practice. For more information, visit our Governance & compliance section here.

A variety of fund types

Low fee structure.

Expertise in grant-making– a dedicated and committed staff with extensive experience of grant-making in Ireland and overseas.

Family Involvement – great way to involve family and inter-generational giving.

Legacies – A permanent charitable fund with us is a great way for your client to leave a legacy.  Their legacy will be invested and the returns made available every year  to the cause that matters most to the client and is specified by them.

To see a selection of case studies on the different ways of giving click here.