Why talk to your client about giving

“I can remember when The Community Foundation for Ireland was being established not quite understanding what could be achieved with a Donor Advised Fund. That is the greatest change in fifteen years in that families and businesses and their professional advisers increasingly know that a donor advised fund is a great alternative to establishing a charity or writing a cheque for those who want to engage in strategic philanthropy. Looking to the future, Donor Advised Funds will increasingly be recognised as an important tool which professional advisers will use to assist with the management of wealth.  Donor Advised Funds enable clients to be engaged in strategic giving without taking on the burden of running their own charity which can be a full time job and requires considerable knowledge and expertise to do right. Using the services offered by The Community Foundation for Ireland allows families to engage in philanthropy with ease whilst ensuring the highest standards of governance.”

Nora Lillis, Head of William Fry’s Private Client Group and member of CFI Professional Advisers Advisory Group

Tina Roche - CEO - The Community Foundation for Ireland - Professional AdvisersProfessional advisers, including solicitors, accountants and financial advisers, are in an ideal position to reach and advise existing and potential philanthropists, and offering philanthropy advice can be beneficial for both advisers and their clients.

With some clients a conversation about philanthropy may come easily as part of the business and estate planning process. With others, there may be an opportunity for the professional adviser to initiate discussions about philanthropy, often in tandem with discussions about vehicles for giving, wealth transfer and tax relief.

Significant giving opportunities often arise when clients are making major business, personal and financial decisions.  Other clients may have become unhappy with their charitable giving and are concerned with transparency and governance. Clients may be at the stage where they wish to involve their family in intergenerational giving.

We can support you:

  • If a Donor Advised Fund might be a good fit for your client
  • In helping your client getting started with their philanthropy
  • In the ongoing administration, management and governance of their charitable giving
  • In keeping charitable giving energised for those involved for a long time or indeed finding creative ways to give, including involving family
  • In empowering people who want to make a difference through a model of philanthropy that is based on trust, effectiveness and impact.

Seminars and Presentations

We view professional advisers as key partners in the development of philanthropy in Ireland. We also expect that clients will increasingly ask their trusted advisers for advice in this area. As such we try to help professional advisers to expand their knowledge in this area through seminars and individual presentations.

Periodically we organise seminars for professional advisers on various aspects of philanthropy, often involving leading advisers in this area from the UK and other international locations to give an idea of best practice outside of Ireland. We publicise these events in the news section of our website and also in our dedicated Professional Advisers newsletter, which you can sign up to by entering our Receive Our Professional Advisers Newsletter section here.

In addition to our philanthropy seminars, we regularly make presentations to firms in the legal, tax, accounting and wealth management fields. These typically take place in the firm’s own offices. To date we have met hundreds of Ireland’s leading advisers. A presentation typically takes 30-40 minutes followed by 15 minutes Q&A. it can involve just one key individual in the firm or a wider group of staff or department.

For an introductory presentation on philanthropy and community foundations, please contact Niall O’ Sullivan, Fund Development Adviser : nosullivan@foundation.ie 01 874 7354 or request a callback by filling in the form below.

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