cove3rVitalSigns Belonging report

On Wednesday October 12th Tina Roche, CEO of The Community Foundation for Ireland launched the VitalSigns Belonging report. This report surveyed almost 1,000 people in Ireland on their sense of belonging. You can download the full report here and watch our short video here about what belonging means in Ireland today. To see the rest of our VitalSigns reports click here.



G AND GGiving and Gaining – How Entrepreneurs view Philanthropy in Ireland

The Community Foundation for Ireland (CFI) is aware of the particular impact that successful entrepreneurs are having on the world of philanthropy and in this study was interested to explore philanthropic giving by Irish entrepreneurs in the light of significant entrepreneurial success in Ireland in the last 15 years. Through the support of AIB Private Banking, CFI commissioned Sia Group to undertake a study of entrepreneurs.

Positively, despite relatively low engagement in structured and strategic giving to date, the study finds that there is a clear appetite for engaging more in philanthropy amongst many entrepreneurs. There is also a clear interest in seeing certain trends and supports which have encouraged entrepreneurs to engage in philanthropy globally, replicated in Ireland so that there is a more supportive environment for philanthropy.

 Please download the full report here .Giving and Gaining Report(PDF 2MB)


surveyNational Survey on Pay and Benefits in Community, Voluntary and Charitable Organisations in Ireland

We are delighted to present the 2nd edition of the National Survey on Pay and Benefits in Community, Voluntary and Charitable organisations in Ireland. The first was presented through The Wheel in 2008 and is available on The Wheel website.

Please download the report here. Please note it is a large file and may take a few minutes to download (PDF 25MB) National Guide to Pay and Benefits 


Family Philanthropy Report

In 2013 we prepared a guidance report to assist families and individuals, those who are already involved in philanthropy or are interested in getting started. It is also intended that this guidance will be a useful resource for professional advisers who have such an important role to play in supporting their clients along their chosen philanthropic path.

To view our Family Philanthropy Report: Download here (PDF 1.2MB)


Realising the Power and Potential of Charitable Bequests in Developing Irish Philanthropy

charitable-bequestsWe launched a body of research on legacies and charitable giving in April 2010. Key findings concluded:

  • Total charitable bequests are estimated at €26million.
  • Less than 5% of charities’ income  comes from bequest.
  • One in ten people (or more depending on year) making a will, leaves a charitable bequest.
  • Women are one and half times more likely than men to leave portion of estate to charity.

To view Realising the Power and Potential of Charitable Bequests in Developing Irish Philanthropy: Download here (PDF 0.9MB)


Philanthropy, The Views of Those Who Advise the Rich

Views-of-RichIn August 2008 we launched a new report ‘Philanthropy, The Views of Those Who Advise the Rich’. This was Ireland’s first ever detailed philanthropy research with professional advisers. Key findings concluded:

  • 27% of professional advisers reported an increase in enquiries about philanthropy in the last 12 months, when asked about their approach to the topic of philanthropy.
  • 58% of advisers had never discussed philanthropy with a client, when asked how a change in the current tax would affect philanthropy in Ireland.
  • 85% said a removal of the tax cap would increase giving.
  • 43% believed that clients require assets in excess of €1m, excluding one’s principal residence, to start to think about philanthropy.
  • 44% of advisers say less than €10,000 is the average left in wills for charitable purposes. While overall levels of charitable bequests are low there are however some very significant charitable bequests being included in wills, figures from €50,000 to €50million were mentioned by advisers.
  • 30% said their understanding of Donor Advised Funds was high or very high

To view Philanthropy, The Views of Those Who Advise the Rich: Download here (PDF 0.4MB)